Weekly Feng Shui Action Item May 25

Whether it is in their offices or their homes, very often many people place their Bamboo Feng Shui plants at the wrong places. Unknown to them, not only could they have downgraded their own Feng Shui “Qi” status instantly because of this, they could have also killed their lovely Bamboo Feng Shui plants which suppose to be there to help enhance their Feng Shui in the first place.

Protection – Again, protection is a relative term. You can also use protection symbols to use against spirits or entities that do not belong in your space or from general negative energy that may affect your health or well-being. Some of the symbols are as given below.

feng shui items is about getting in touch with your surroundings. It is about opening your eyes, really taking note of the things in your space, and then investigating how those things make you feel.

But I believe that each one of these pearls of wisdom was meant for each and every one of us. They were not meant to be sealed up feng shui items in clay jars or taken to the grave by greedy people. We have lost so many of the gifts given to us by Creator. Thank goodness Creator does not stop giving us gifts!

So, Chi is a life life-force. A healthy, strong, and balanced person is considered to have good Chi; weak and ill person has a bad Chi. When a person dies, Chi energy leaves the body.

Overcrowding a space not only means having too much stuff, such as piles of paperwork, magazines, books or collectibles, but can also mean having too many patterns, which can be distracting and cause agitation.

Just like in human body, Chi energy moves all around the planet. Meridians of the earth energy are called “dragon veins”. Places where Chi flows close to the surface are fertile, prosperous, and rich in vegetation.